27. Language
Get on your feet.

27. Language

A Western folk song describes a happy condition:

O give me a home
where the buffalo roam,
where the deer and the antelope play;
where never is heard
a discouraging word,
and the sky is not cloudy all day.

Mainstream people constantly encourage each other.

I never heard an obscenity(*) until I was in seventh grade — not in my home, not in any relative's home, not on the street, not on the playground, not in the homes of any of my classmates or friends. Not in any store or restaurant. The people of that world just don't use these words.

And life is much more pleasant there than among those who disadvantage themselves.

Indeed, those words — and those who use them — aren't welcome in the mainstream.

The issue is contempt.

Every time you use any of these words, you show contempt for yourself and for everyone around you.

(They don't need to hear that.)

You put emotional (spiritual) pollution into your own 'hood.

You never need to use any of those words.

None of these words is ever the best choice.

For yourself and everyone around you, choose the best.

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(*)These words are obscene: piss, shit, fuck, bitch, ass, nigga.