d) The sex act
Get on your feet.

d) The sex act

I posted on Facebook in 2016:

Respect every female. Every female. She may be the dirtiest skank-ass smack-shooting cash money ho on the planet. To me, she's a princess, and I'll treat her that way.

Sex is sacred.

The encounter may be "sinful" or even illegal, but to me it is a holy time and holy place, and I am going to do holy things.

Namely, give my partner the best sex of her life.

God created sex as a gift to all God's creatures, for joy and pleasure and giddy happiness. Rightly, this activity glorifies God — in the partners' joy, pleasure and happiness.

My pleasure comes in pleasing my partner. It is a time to behold her nitzotz and let her passions brighten it to the fullest. It is a time for me to exalt her as the creature God loves, as the burning fire God created her to be.

And that's what I do.

It keeps 'em coming back.


What kind of sex you have strongly controls what kind of babies you'll make.

Every time a woman and man have sex raw, they send forth an invitation for a baby — any baby — to come in. There are millions of babies out there waiting to come in. Which baby, if any, accepts the invitation, is not the parents' choice. But every time a man and a woman have raw sex, they send the invitation out.

If any baby does come in, the parents are obligated to that child until it becomes adult.

Babies, in effect, choose their parents, willingly or not. Babies who consistently created blessings for themselves and others in the past (that is, in previous incarnations), have the greatest freedom and are likely to choose to come into situations where people are creating blessings for themselves and one another.

Babies who consistently created abuse and strife in the past, have little choice but to come into situations where people abuse each other in this life. Such children will continue to be prone to create abuse and strife, and will give their parents only headache and heartbreak throughout life.

Such were Jamarion Lawhorn, John Lee Cowell and David Earl Miller.

Let your sex be all about love.